Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mini Munchkins


The Munchkin cat breed is a new breed. Developed by a woman named Sandra Hochenedel in 1983 when she discovered a short legged, black, pregnant female living under a trailer in her home state of Louisiana. She took the cat in and the female ( she named Blackberry) gave birth to a litter of kitten in which half of them were born with short legs as well. She used a tom (his name was Toulouse) from that litter to start her own Munchkin breeding program.


The Munchkin can have any coat length, and it can be any color. This is one of those cat breeds that has a thickish body structure with exceptionally short legs...with the hind legs being a bit longer than the front legs.


Exceptionally playful the Munchkin loves toys. The Munchkin is very social, and has a loving disposition. They will seek out attention from their owners. They have the bizarre habit of taking things and hiding them much like a ferret. The Munchkin is a very adaptable cat doing well in the home with other animals...he is adventurous and a bit mischievous.